Employment in Brussels

Peace and Security, Climate Change, Urbanisation, Human Mobility and Social and Economic Inequality are global challenges which our Brussels teams address.  They follow up projects by country and have experience in the countries where Enabel operates.

To support our operations we look for dynamic talents (m/f/x) in human resources management, finances, public procurement and grants, logistics, administration, communication and ICT.

An onboarding briefing informs new colleagues about Enabel and their place in the organisation and familiarises them with their new job. Beside a salary package that includes fringe benefits, we also offer flexible telework schemes.

Employment in a project

Our project managers and technical experts work closely with the national, partner country partners. Often they do so from the capital but sometimes also in remote and isolated areas. They have the required technical competency and proven management skills and must, furthermore, be able to work with people who come from very diverse cultural backgrounds. They are facilitators, good organisers, planners and coordinators. Enthusiasm, a spirit of enterprise and stamina are important qualities.

The managers and technical experts are not working on their own. Project teams can be composed in a variety of ways, but Enabel usually looks for people with experience in project management, finances, accounting, logistics, administration or surveillance.

Employment in a country office

Enabel has an office in most countries where it operates.

The Resident Representative, backed by a team of international and national staff, is responsible for Enabel in a partner country. He or she manages the country team, maintains the contacts with the various partners and thus ensures faultless project implementation.

The Country Portfolio Manager follows up the country portfolio. He or she coordinates the projects in collaboration with project managers while ensuring the achievement of the results.

The Administrative and Financial Manager is responsible for the administrative, financial and logistical management of the country office and the projects. He or she accompanies the projects from A to Z.

The Expert in Contracting manages public contracts and other forms of contracts. He or she advises project teams about contracting.

In addition, we also rely on the professional experience of staff with a wide range of backgrounds: managers, experts or specialists in finances, accounting, logistics, administration, surveillance, etc.