Our New Way of Working

At Enabel, we are aware that telework has a great deal to offer as it has a positive effect on reconciling family and working life. Our engagement survey (2020) shows that 70% of our colleagues working in Brussels have a healthy work/life balance.

A job that grows with you.

You benefit of flexible hours and an easy commute. You also benefit from fully-equipped, supported and maintained offices. The office spaces have been designed in such a way that social distancing and hygiene measures can be fully respected. In addition, you can benefit from distance learning and interactive self-learning materials. Together with your supervisor you organise your working hours and plan face-to-face meetings in our offices when needed.

Enabel's zero tolerance policy for sexual exploitation and abuse

All Belgian development cooperation sector actors, including Enabel, signed an Integrity Charter.

Through the Charter they endorse integrity and respect as fundamental values that lead their actions and they undertake to develop a policy to apply these values in their organisation. 

These fundamental values underlie Enabel’s Code of Conduct which consists of: 

  • Respect for the individual: Consequently, we develop an attitude that respects   every individual  whether he or she is a staff member of our organisation or not.
  • Exploitation: We abstain from accepting or soliciting sexual relations, including any sexual favour or any other form of humiliating sexual behaviour, degrading or exploiting others, in exchange for money, employment, goods or services. 

This “Sexual exploitation and abuse policy” aims to protect vulnerable people in general against acts of sexual exploitation and abuse. 

Even though women and children are particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation and abuse, this matter regards everybody.

Inclusion & diversity matters

At Enabel, our commitment to hiring diverse talent and building an inclusive culture is central to everything we do.  Diverse teams make smarter decisions and achieving critical mass in diversity is the key to inclusive practices that allow all individuals to perform at their peak.

We actively recruit and nurture talent that adds diversity to our workplace.

Every person who fulfils the conditions listed in our job advertisements may apply. Enabel is committed to equal opportunities and diversity in its workforce. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability status or any other factor other than competence.

Strengthening the presence of women within Enabel at all levels.

Enabel aims at mainstreaming gender in all our projects and throughout our functioning: operational, organisational, monitoring and evaluation and communication within and outside the organisation. These efforts are the core of our Gender Strategy #WEforHER 2019-2023 which guarantees that gender forms part of Enabel’s DNA.